Environmental protection is a key part of our company’s commitment to society. In strict conformity with environmental laws and regulations, we actively promote clean operations and do everything we can to build an environmentally friendly industry that operates in harmony with the environment. It therefore designs its practices that ensure minimum harm to the environment like transforming waste in to a more value added product, conserving natural resources, monitoring air, water and soil pollution, etc.

The various facets of environmental issues like air pollution, water pollution and solid waste disposal are some of the utmost concerns of the company and it takes active preventive measures to safeguard the surroundings from its’ adverse effects. We are continually looking for new ways to make productive use of the materials generated by our processes.

The company has taken a holistic stance for the protection of environmental resources and taken preventive measures as a part of its operation module.

  • Plantation around production place.
  • Contributed and participated in promoting green earth programs in region.
  • Arranged various environment awareness campaigns.