Graduate Agro and Mechanical Engineers is firmly established as a leading manufacturer and supplier of equipment for all major core sector industries. Having a capacity of 5000TPA, we have installed state of art equipment and facilities and continually improving them to meet customer demands.

Over the years GAME has earned a reputation for being known as one of the quality oriented heavy steel engineering companies catering to Steel Plants, Power Plants, Cement Plants, Chemical Plants, Mining, Ports and Railway sectors. GAME prides itself on its knowledge and understanding of the heavy engineering projects and customers we service. With our excellent facilities, dedicated and experienced personnel and excellent relations with our suppliers and sub contractors, we are able to meet and exceed our customer’s requirements for quantity, quality and delivery.

We believe to innovate and explore fabrication technology to enhance quality projects. Extensive experience in the field of heavy engineering fabrication and erection underpins our ability to provide realistic time frames and goals for our clients, and summer every available resource to ensure that these goals are met on time and on budget.