The machine shop is equipped with most modern & efficient machines giving accurate and precision results with zero tolerances.

Heavy Machining

Our Machines Shop is equipped with modern and heavy duty machines which can machine jobs to close tolerances as per customer requirements.GAME has added three heavy duty CNC Machines:

  • Horizontal Boring Machines R160M7
  • WMW Floor Boring Machines 130mm Spindle Dia
  • Lathe Machine 920D

These facilities have improved the thorough put and capability of the company to undertake very precision machining operations.

The company has also added CNC Plasma Cutting Machine recently to increase thorough put and undertake precision cutting operations. GAME has plate bending machine upto 3M wide and capable of bending 70mm thick plate. There are a number of conventional machines to undertake various machining operations. GAME has a 1000T Hydra Press and special 3700mm wide Plano Miller. A Shot Blasting booth and a very large paint booths having sizes 13M long, 8 M wide and 6.5M height have also been installed recently.

Captive Power Plant :

Though power situation remains very satisfactory in the state of Chhattisgarh, still has geared upto have ininterrupted 25KVA each.

Diesel Generator Power
75KVA + 82.5KVA – 2 Sets. 200 KVA – H.T.